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10 Things a Parent Needs To Know About Invisalign Teen

Dr. Anna Berik, Boston’s Top Cosmetic Dentist, explains 10 things you should know about Invisalign Teen when deciding on orthodontic treatment for your child.

Invisalign Teen is a virtually undetectable form of orthodontia that forgoes that traditional metal brackets and wires in favor of clear trays custom-fitted for your teeth. The trays go over your teen’s teeth […]

The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Dr. Anna M. Berik is often asked why crooked teeth are a problem. Malocclusion, or crooked teeth, affects 74% of American adults and can have widespread effects on your health. Because plaque is more difficult to remove on misaligned teeth, your gums can become inflamed, bleeding during routine brushing and flossing. Left untreated, the inflammation […]

Smile Bright This Wedding Season

The official beginning of summer is right around the corner and so is the rest of wedding season. The first feature someone typically notices, aside from eyes, is a person’s smile. On your wedding day, whether you are walking down the aisle or are waiting at the altar for your significant other, you want to […]

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Dr. Berik Featured in Boston Magazine

Once again, Dr. Anna Berik is being featured in the May issue of Boston Magazine for her dedication to cosmetic dentistry. In this issue, Dr. Berik discusses the various procedures that can be done to help you look younger. Read more and learn how you can enhance your appearance through Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry services […]

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Dr. Berik Featured in Boston Magazine

The city of Boston is known for its health care and doctors and Newton Dental Associates is honored that Dr. Berik is considered one of those doctors. Once again, Dr. Berik, Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, has been featured in the Boston Magazine for her commitment to correcting smiles with Invisalign.

Dr. Berik is one of the […]

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Ways to Improve Your Smile

When it comes to your smile, it is usually one of the first things that people notice about you. While you normally can’t achieve that perfect overnight, there are various steps that you can take. Newton Dental Associates has a few steps you can follow to improve the health and look of your smile and […]

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Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Your teen years are all about fitting in with friends and when you need braces, this can be difficult. Invisalign Teen is an alternative to traditional braces that can help your teenager do this! If your teenager is in need of cosmetic dentistry and teeth straightening, Invisalign Teen is becoming the popular solution and here’s […]

An Interview with Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Anna Berik

Whether it’s whitening, straightening or perfecting them with veneers, Dr. Anna Berik admits to being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her clients’ teeth. She is determined on giving her clients the right smile to complement their face.

“I am a true cosmetic dentist. This is what I do best. This is my […]

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Dr. Anna Berik is Awarded Invisalign’s Premier Elite Provider Status

Dr. Anna M. Berik, Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, is now an Invisalign Premier Elite Provider.

Dr. Berik  was recently awarded the Premier Elite Provider designation by Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into a more appropriate position. The trays are virtually invisible and can be easily removed […]

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Dr. Berik Featured in Boston Magazine’s December 2016 Top Doctor Issue

Dr. Anna Berik, Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, was in Boston Magazine’s December 2016 Top Doctor issue.

Boston is known around the world as having the best health care and doctors than anywhere else.  Newton Dental Associates is proud to say they have one such doctor, Dr.  Anna Berik.

She is known as one of the premier cosmetic […]

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