During stay-at-home orders mandated because of the coronavirus, we have to avoid routine visits to dental offices, if possible. Here are a couple of ways to do your best to keep up your dental hygiene at home.


Step Up Your Game 

At the bare minimum, you should be brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed, but if you are sitting at home after lunch do not be afraid to give your teeth and gums some extra love. With all the free time on our hands at home, is there any excuse to not floss. Now is when we can refocus and form new habits. Use all the tips and tricks Newton Dental Associates taught you.


 Replace Your Toothbrush

Replace your toothbrush more frequently. Keep it stored in a place where it can dry far away from the dirtier spots in the bathroom. Do not share your toothbrush with loved ones. Cross-contamination is a problem and you do not want to be spreading the viral love around.


Avoid Hard Food


The key is to skip the trip to the dentist, not cause one. Foods such as popcorn and other caramel covered, candy-coated, crunchy confections are major culprits. Many of us are unsuspectingly gaining weight the “COVID 19” but let it be from pasta and wine instead of that frozen treat. And please stay away from using your teeth as tools.


Wear Your Night Guard or Retainers

Please don’t forget about wearing your night guards or retainers and do not forget to clean them and allow them to air dry.


Know when to call  Newton Dental Associates. If anything teeth or gum related becomes disruptive to your normal daily routine, you should contact your dental professional. As we navigate this new way of life, remember to be gentle, kind, and thorough. It does not matter whether we are talking about your teeth or your loved ones. So connect with your toothbrush and keep that relationship strong. As a multi-specialty group practice, we have all the specialists such as an endodontist, periodontist, and oral surgeon here in our office to handle most dental emergencies. If you are experiencing an urgent or emergency dental need please call our office at 617-965-0060 to schedule an appointment or click here to request an appointment.