Teen InvisalignNo two teen mouths are the same.  That’s why Invisalign is constantly advancing the technology in their clear aligners so your teen can have a customized teeth straightening solution that’s more precise that any other orthodontic treatment.

Your teen’s case begins with our staff taking a scan of their mouth with our intraoral scanner. With this scan Dr. Berik develops a complete digital treatment plan carefully creating your teen’s best smile from start to finish.

Your teen will then receive their Invisalign clear aligners.  They will wear them for 22 hours a day, but can be easily removed for brushing or sports.

As they progress through their treatment they will see their smile improve through the series of aligners.

At Newton Dental Associates we have taken advances in technology one step further with Dr. Berik’s Acceleration Method for Invisalign. What would normally take up to a year to accomplish with Invisalign Teen, Dr. Berik can accomplish in as little of 3 months with her Accelerated Invisalign technique.

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