In 2004, we completed a full rehabilitation of our office. It is a top-of-the-line facility. In its design, patient treatment and comfort were our top concerns. The office space is laid out to maximize our providers’ efficiency and treatment quality. Operatories are equipped with ergonomic patient chairs and office d├ęcor was chosen to influence a calm feeling. Our team and our patients are enjoying the benefits of the new appearance and structure, and we continue to search for and add elements to enhance the quality and ease of patient visits.


At NDA, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best technology has to offer. Unlike some offices, we do not buy into fads, but instead research, pursue and implement high-quality technology that will help improve our patients’ care.

Digital X-rays

  • Very low levels of radiation
  • Give patients larger, easier-to-see views of their own x-rays
  • Easy to send and share with your other providers


NDA has computers in each operatory connected on a secure network.

  • Easy sharing of records between office providers for consultation
  • Reduces appointment times by increasing communication between the front office staff and providers
  • Internet access gives instant information from several insurance companies


We have both intraoral cameras and professional quality photography equipment available to our doctors.

  • Better communication with our dental labs which, results in improved esthetics in our cases
  • Visual elements help patients and doctors share ideas and develop cosmetic treatment plans
  • Reduce hassles with your insurance company on major treatment, by providing supplemental information on claims

Paperless Office

As of January 2007, NDA keeps all patient records in a digital system.

  • Faster check-in for your first visit
  • Schedule appointments with your provider while in the dental chair
  • Easily accessible records allow our front desk staff to handle your calls smoothly and effectively
  • Easy sharing of records


NDA is easily accessible and accommodating for patients with a variety of needs. Our building is equipped with an elevator. Our patient restroom was designed for use of patients with physical challenges and is large enough for a wheelchair and a nursing assistant for patients who have them. If you have any special needs that we should be prepared to address, please inform our front office staff before your appointment, so that we can make appropriate accommodations.