How can I improve my smile

Dr. Anna Berik, owner of Newton Dental Associates, Diamond Smile Design and Greater Boston Invisible Braces answers questions monthly from readers of Boston Magazine. In the October issue of Boston Magazine a reader asked how can she improve her smile and look younger.

There are many ways to look younger with an improved smile, below are the Top 3 treatments:

Teeth stain and yellow as we age. A bright, white smile projects an image of youthfulness and healthiness.
In office whitening is a conservative and fast way to restore your smile up to 6 shades lighter in just 1 hour

Wear and tear are signs of aging, reversing that process will rejuvenate your smile. Having broken
and worn teeth make your face look older. When teeth are missing and worn it can cause a sunken
appearance in your face.

Crooked and yellow teeth are generational. Straight teeth are healthier and can make you look younger
and improve your appearance. Clear removable braces and short-term orthodontics can make a
dramatic improvement in your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry results are directly related to who you choose as a doctor. Dr. Anna Berik, is a
highly sought out and skilled doctor who is caring and passionate about her work and patients.
She has been creating dream smiles, from simple whitening to “extreme makeovers” for over
20 years. Because of Dr. Berik’s skills and knowledge you can be assured that you will have a
beautiful healthy smile.

If you want to see how Dr. Berik can help you look younger and improve your smile, call 617-965-0060 and schedule a consultation.  If you have a question for Ask The Expert, email Dr. Berik at


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