nov2016coverDr. Anna Berik, Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, was in Boston Magazine’s November 2016 special feature “What to Expect in the next 50 Years”.   Dr. Berik was asked what can we do to prolong our teeth as we age.

Read the Boston Magazine article here.

Dr. Berik believes that taking care of your teeth and correcting your bite or misaligned teeth will allow you to keep them into “old age”. “Bad bites” can lead to variuos oral health problems which compound as we get older. Correction of malocclusion (bad bite) is the answer for longevity, health, and a beautiful smile.

At Newton Dental Associates, we find that using the Invisalign clear aligner treatment with Propel Accelerated Orthodontics will straighten out your teeth between 3-4 months. Compared to the standard of 2 years with regular orthodontics, this is a vast improvement!

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