shutterstock_1119706820Are you thinking about ways to improve your smile this summer? Having dental veneers attached to your teeth may be right for you! Veneers are a layer of porcelain attached to your natural teeth that give the appearance of a brighter, perfect smile. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we see about the process:

What will veneers affect about my teeth?

Veneers are typically installed to improve the appearance of your teeth, changing their size, shape and even the color. Many people who opt for veneers get them to cover chips, gaps or discoloration from previous procedures in order to boost self-confidence.

Do veneers require maintenance?

Like your natural teeth, veneers require regular care both at home and at regular dentist visits. They require routine brushing and flossing to maintain their color. Visiting your dentist regularly is important because your veneers need to be inspected for issues as well as polishing with a specific, nonabrasive solution. Maintenance also needs to be done to maintain your gum health, preventing receding lines and gingivitis.

Are veneers permanent?

Your veneers will last between 5-10 years with proper care and dentist visits. Depending on the location of the veneer, you may need to replace some sooner than others due to excursive movements made by your jaw. If you have veneers placed on your molars, for example, they may require replacement due to the level of activity and pressure from chewing food or grinding your teeth. Veneers placed towards the front of your mouth will be more likely to last the entire expected lifespan.

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