shutterstock_1110983909When you go in for your dentist may recommend installing a crown over one of your teeth. A crown is a covering placed over a tooth or dental implant, commonly made from metal or porcelain. A crown can help stabilize your tooth and help improve your smile’s appearance. There are several reasons why your dentist may recommend installing a dental crown.

Your Tooth Is Starting to Break

If your tooth has reached the point of decay that it is starting to break, a filling will not be enough to hold it together. A crown will be able to keep the tooth together and protect its integrity. If cracks have begun to form, you may find yourself in tremendous pain, unable to chew properly. A crown will be able to maintain the tooth and reduce your pain.

You Have a Root Canal Scheduled

If your tooth becomes infected after extensive decay, you will need to have a crown placed over the affected tooth after the procedure. During your root canal, the nerve of the tooth will be removed, leaving it weak and unable to sustain itself. A crown will be placed over your tooth in order to reestablish functionality.

You’re Getting Dental Implants

If you are getting dental implants, you will need a crown to replace the tooth. After your tooth is removed, the implant is placed in the gum, with the prosthetic crown placed on top of the implant to allow proper chewing and maintain spacing. This permanent crown will take the place of the tooth.

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