Full mouth rehabilitation is a cosmetic procedure used to completely reconstruct the mouth to improve the appearance and function. This treatment is meant to be tailored to each specific person and uses a combination of cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired outcome. This kind of treatment aims to increase the health of the entire mouth and customize the look of the teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation will essentially give your mouth a whole new look and a better quality of life. 


What is the Process of Full Mouth Rehabilitation?  

Patients are usually required to come in for a consultation to determine if they are a good candidate for the treatment. The doctors will then come up with a highly personalized action plan for each step in the process. Rehabilitation includes an individualized combination of several cosmetic and general dental procedures, including: 

The doctor will examine the mouth using x-rays to decide the best course of action to ensure functionality. The plan will determine the mix of these procedures that will successfully achieve the patient’s desired look.


What are the Benefits? 

There are several benefits of full mouth rehabilitation ranging from increased health, the appearance of the mouth, and functionality. A few of the health issues that this procedure can fix are damaged teeth, improper jaw function, and unhealthy gums. The treatment can improve cosmetic problems such as signs of aging, facial contours, and missing teeth. It can also improve the way people eat, drink, and even speak. Patients suffering from several of these issues can also benefit significantly from full mouth rehabilitation in areas of confidence and self-esteem. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation? 

Good candidates for this kind of procedure include those who suffer from several missing or damaged teeth, usually from trauma or disease. The treatment plan consists of a number of dental procedures, so we typically recommend only candidates in relatively good health. If you are unhappy with the look and function of your mouth, you may benefit from a full mouth rehabilitation. Our top-of-the-line doctors here at Newton Dental Associates are experts in all cosmetic dental procedures. Contact us for a consultation to come up with a personalized treatment plan for you.


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