Are you considering Invisalign treatment but concerned about the time commitment it may require? Newton Dental Associates, led by the renowned Dr. Anna Berik, introduces Accelerated Invisalign, a revolutionary approach to orthodontic care that ensures faster treatment times without compromising effectiveness. Dr. Berik’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology sets Newton Dental Associates apart, providing patients with an opportunity to achieve their dream smiles in a fraction of the time.

Faster Treatment Time

For many adults seeking Invisalign treatment, the duration of orthodontic care is a crucial factor. Accelerated Invisalign addresses this concern by significantly reducing the treatment time compared to traditional methods. While traditional Invisalign may take one to two years, our accelerated treatment can complete the process in as little as 3–4 months.

OrthoPulse® Light Accelerated Orthodontics™

Dr. Anna Berik, a leading provider of accelerated Invisalign, utilizes OrthoPulse® Light Accelerated Orthodontics™ to achieve remarkable results. This FDA-approved device harnesses low levels of light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of your teeth, facilitating quicker tooth movement in conjunction with Invisalign.

How does OrthoPulse® work?

OrthoPulse® utilizes low-intensity, near-infrared light technology to encourage cell metabolism and enhance the body’s ability to heal and regenerate. With just a 10-minute daily treatment, this device accelerates orthodontic tooth movement, offering a simple and comfortable solution that seamlessly fits into your routine.

Track Your Progress with the OrthoPulse® Mobile App

Stay motivated and monitor your treatment progress with the OrthoPulse® mobile app. Syncing wirelessly with the OrthoPulse® device, the app allows you to track daily treatments and overall treatment time. This unique feature provides unparalleled convenience and ensures a consistent approach to your orthodontic journey, empowering you with real-time insights into the transformative changes happening throughout your smile-enhancing experience.

Contact the Accelerated Invisalign experts at Newton Dental today!

Dr. Berik’s utilization of OrthoPulse® distinguishes Newton Dental Associates, providing patients with the opportunity to expedite their treatment by up to 50%. If your goal is the swift completion of orthodontic care, OrthoPulse® stands out as the ideal solution. To explore the benefits of Accelerated Invisalign or assess if OrthoPulse® acceleration suits your needs, contact the Accelerated Invisalign experts at Newton Dental today! Discover a more efficient path to your dream smile, guided by Dr. Anna Berik’s expertise. Call us now at 617-965-0060 and take the initial step towards achieving a confident and radiant smile in record time.


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