Dr. Anna Berik, owner of Newton Dental Associates, talks with Barry and Kim about looking younger in today’s job market and how it affects work.

Dr. Anna Berik from Newton Dental Associates was recently invited to be a guest on an episode of The Financial Exchange with Barry Armstrong and Kim Carrigan on WRKO AM 680 to discuss the growing expectations of the job market, and some ways to improve yourself to meet those expectations. Dr. Berik had a funny and exciting conversation with Barry and Kim about some easy ways to look younger and more professional To hear the full segment, listen here

How Much Is Your Smile Worth to Your Career?

Men and women are going to new lengths to improve themselves the job market. Not just by increasing their skills and improving their resume, but also their appearance. Dr. Anna Berik describes Facial Aesthetics as “..the way you present yourself. How you look – from your hairline to your chin”. By improving your facial aesthetics, you can help yourself look more professional. People make judgments based on your appearance. There is only one chance to make a first impression, you should be well represented. On the show, Dr. Berik gave the example of job hunting, “If you are 54 year old man competing for a job and the person interviewing you is 34, you don’t want to look like his dad”

Lines in your forehead make you look worried. You want to look calm, cool, and collected for your clients. By smoothing those wrinkles with Botox, you will appear relaxed and calm. Whitening and straightening your teeth will make you look cleaner, professional, and more approachable. It differs from men and women and from person to person. Dr. Berik explains “Each treatment is personalized… there is no cookie cutter fix”

Botox is also great if you know you have an event or if you’re going to be photographed. The results are fast, and look natural. Dr. Berik explained on the air how many men are more likely to consider teeth whitening when they are recently divorced and trying to re-invent themselves. At Newton Dental Associates, work with our cosmetic dentists to combine Botox & Juvederm with an Invisalign treatment, to straighten your smile, and teeth whitening. You will look younger, more confident, more relaxed, and more professional. Your appearance and how you take care of yourself reflects how you take care of work, and how you do business.

There are many misconceptions about Botox and facial fillers.

It’s not an injection, or surgery it’s a purified protein. The needles we use are super fine and painless. There is no numbing or facial stiffness and it only takes one visit for the treatment with no recovery time afterwards. The procedure is not permanent and it is completely reversible. Botox results wear off, but they last for about six months. You can except to see full results in 2 weeks. Dr. Berik tells her patients “Don’t love it or hate it for two weeks”. 

If you visit a cosmetic Botox office in Newton, the waiting room is often full of all women which can be uncomfortable for some people, especially businessmen. At Newton Dental Associates, we are a regular dentist office that offers cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. There is no stigma to visiting the dentist office. We offer a comfortable, professional, and discrete environment for your treatment.

Many men and women feel uncomfortable with the idea of facial aesthetics & Botox. On the show, Dr. Berik gave an analogy to Barry and Kim, when Barry joked about himself and his facial aesthetics as having ‘high mileage’, she explained, “Well, what would you do with an old car? You would resurface it, or repaint it” Botox is the same idea.

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