Straightening your teen’s teeth after braces

Bad experience with braces? How to keep teeth straight after treatment

Invisalign is a great option for those who have had a bad experience with braces. Invisalign will straighten any over-crowded and fix overbites and crookedness that may have occurred post-braces. Invisalign is clear and fits over your teeth.

When kids get braces at an early age, it is not uncommon for the teeth to shift and move as they get older. Even if they wear their retainers as instructed, there is still a chance for teeth to shift and move, especially if your teen gets their wisdom teeth removed.

You may find by the time they reach high school they are in need of treatment again, but after one round of braces, many teens don’t want to go back to a mouth full of metal. For some, traditional metal braces are uncomfortable and cause sores and irritations. By the time these kids get to high school they are also extremely self-conscious and don’t want the appearance of braces again that makes them look younger.

Invisalign is easy to maintain and allows you to brush and floss normally without special tools. Invisalign is great for active teens involved in sports. Standard mouth guards fit right over the clear aligners. Keeping your teen’s teeth straight is not an option. It’s a long term health decision. If you or your teen is hesitant to return to braces but needs treatment, contact Newton Dental Associates to learn more about Invisalign.

Give your teen the confidence to smile. Contact the Boston Invisalign Teen experts at Newton Dental Associates for more information.


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