Summer sun = summer fun.Summertime really makes the city of Boston seem to come alive. The streets are bustling with locals and visitors alike, as they make the most of the sunshine before sweater weather returns to frigid sad times. While warm months are perfect for spending time together, summer vacation can also throw off your usual dental routine.

Choose Healthy Snacks and Drinks
As the temperature rises, it’s common for families to sip and snack during sports tournaments, festivals, or nearly any events. Great dental care goes beyond flossing and brushing. Having a balanced diet with low sugar food is important for maintaining a beautiful smile. Switch from snacks and drinks with high sugar content for healthier options such as milk, apples, and nuts. Acidic foods such as lemons and citrus fruits should be part of a larger meal to minimize the acid from them.

Sports drinks
When engaging in a heavy-duty activity and you are all thirsty and sweaty,you might decide to have an energy drink as your beverage of choice to help replace the electrolytes you lost. While they might seem harmless, consistent use of energy drinks can damage teeth. Energy drinks combine sugar, caffeine, and carbonation that can damage your teeth.


Stay On A Routine

With all the activities going on in summer, it is common for your dental routine to go out the window. However, to maintain your healthy smile you should put to maintain your routine. Make dental hygiene part of your daily lives including brushing twice every day. Incorporate flossing.


Make Your Back-To-School Dental Visit Early

Do not wait until right before school starts to schedule an appointment at the dentist’s office. Prevention and early detection of problems can help avoid pain later. Remember to maintain your routine this summer and keep off unhealthy snacks and drinks. Book an appointment at Newton Dental Associates. to learn more about how to keep your smile bright all through summer.




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