“People think oral cancer is rare. It’s not rare…” 

-Dr. Anna Berik, owner of Newton Dental Associates

Newton Dental Associates Featured in Boston HeraldDr. Anna Berik of Newton Dental Associates was recently featured in an article in the Boston Herald in support of oral cancer awareness. Dr. Berik discusses the important role dentists play in preventing oral cancer by performing screenings during regularly scheduled visits. Awareness and early detection helps to save lives.Oral cancer affects more than 42,000 Americans a year. 8,000 of those cases end up terminal. Many symptoms are difficult to distinguish between food burns and cheek bites, which is why it is important for dentists to be involved in checking for  red or white lesions, strange bumps or anything unusual.

“It’s diagnosed very late because no one’s looking,” Berik said. “If screenings happened, we’d be catching it earlier.”

Read more on the Boston Herald’s website in the article: ‘Cancer testing being drilled into dentists


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