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Celebrating Our Expansion of Newton Dental Associates

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, members of the Newton business community and patients this week joined Dr. Anna Berik and her team at Newton Dental Associates (NDA) to celebrate the expansion of Newton Dental Associates and opening of the Center for Oral Surgery & Implantology. The Valentine’s Day-themed reception included a champagne toast, remarks by Berik and Fuller, and tours of new dental suites and the Oral Surgical Center. NDA is a multi-specialty group practice that provides all dental specialists in one location. The expansion focused on patient comfort and doctor workflow. The opening of the Center for Oral Surgery and Implantology is the culmination of a year-long renovation and expansion project at NDA’s Union Street offices. The state-of-the-art Oral & Maxillofacial surgery center gives NDA’s surgeon, Dr. Zachary Saltman, a dedicated space and the latest technology to perform surgical procedures. The center is equipped with a Cone Beam 3D image scanner, IV sedation, and oral surgical capabilities for dental implants, extractions, 3rd molars and bone grafting.


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From tooth cleaning to whitening, to full makeovers and total facial esthetics, Newton Dental Associates is a place for everyone.