Newton Dental Associates’ Community Charity

Dr. Anna Berik and Newton Dental Associates have chosen the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy as our Community Charity.  The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is a Massachusetts nonprofit charitable organization that Dr. Berik chose to partner with locally because she has been passionate about our oceans and marine life since she was a child. The AWSC mission is to support scientific research, improve public safety, educate the community and inspire conservation of Atlantic white sharks. Their vision is to increase knowledge of Atlantic white sharks and change public perception to conserve the species and ensure healthy and biologically diverse marine ecosystems.

Newton (2)As part of this partnership, we want to introduce you to Newton an 8’ female white shark.  She is believed to be about 15 years old and was tagged off the coast of Truro in July. We were able to name her in honor of our Newton Dental Associates family through the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC).

Our ocean is entirely interconnected through the various parts of its vast ecosystem, from the smallest microorganisms to the largest predators. Our ocean’s ecosystem is all connected…from the tiniest zooplankton to the largest apex predator. White sharks are an asset to our marine environment. As apex predators, they play a critical role in maintaining the health of our ocean’s ecosystem. As the white shark and other shark species disappear, predator-prey balance becomes disrupted, compromising the health of the world’s oceans and negatively impacting other marine species.

AWSC LOGOConservation of white sharks is a key factor in the ocean legacy we leave to future generations. As the AWSC says, awareness inspires conservation. So join and follow us on Facebook as we track Newton and learn about the Atlantic white shark and how a healthy ocean benefits us all.

For more information about the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy visit their website at