Newton Dental Associates Teen InvisalignWhen it comes to straight teeth, parents and teens have different priorities.

Traditional braces can make high school difficult from changing your teen’s appearance on school picture day and prom photos to restrictions on sports. Your teen might not want metal shining through, food restrictions or running to the bathroom to brush their teeth between classes. To give your child a perfect smile without the fight over metal braces, consider straightening your child’s teeth using Invisalign!

Invisalign will straighten your child’s teeth without any of the pain associated with metal braces, in a fraction of the time. Invisalign straightens teeth using clear trays which are replaced as the process goes on, so if your child is embarrassed by an imperfect smile, no one needs to know! The trays are removable, removing dietary restrictions associated with the glue and wires necessary for metal braces, and your teen will barely know they’re there! Removable trays allow your child to brush and floss every day without anything getting in the way.

Invisalign Teen can be used to correct a number of orthodontic issues, including bite issues and crowding. With Dr. Anna Berik’s Berik Acceleration Method, your child will have a perfect smile in as little as 4 months. Each set of teeth is different, and at Newton Dental Associates, we will take the time to make sure you and your child get the desired results.

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