Current trends are ever changing. Whether you’re following the guidelines set out by celebrities, or you simply are looking for an enhancement of your features, fillers have become extremely popular in the last five years. Prior to fillers, many people were getting cosmetic enhancements, like botox. If you’re curious to learn more about what fillers are, continue reading to discover.

Dermal Filler

Juvéderm is widely and popularly used gel filler. This is a safe and long lasting product. Dr. Anna Berik and Dr. Jane Osofsky, both from Newton Dental Associates, use Juvéderm to augment lips. By injecting this filler into the lips, they become full and supple, which enhances the overall beauty of the face. Rather than having lips reconstructed, this product is simply an enhancement. The Juvéderm filler can be used for wrinkle correction on the face. It’s main purposes are to treat deep folds or smile creases, to contour the cheek and chin, or to simply increase the volume and fullness of the lips. Results can be seen immediately and typically do not need touch ups for up to six months. 

Filler Vs. Botox

When filler is used, it is applied into folds and wrinkles that can be smoothed out. This creates an overall more youthful, fuller appearance. As age catches up, it is very common to lose collagen and fullness in the lips and facial tissue. Dermal fillers, like Juvéderm, are a great way to replace this lack of tissue. On the other hand, botox works by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Although this also gives the skin a smoother and youthful look, similar to fillers, it is working against your muscles rather than enhancing the tissue. Botox is a quick and painless procedure, although results may not fully develop for up to two days. This treatment also only lasts about four months, which is shorter than the average filler session.

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