Wisdom teeth may not need extraction if they are healthy, grown wholly, positioned correctly, and can be cleaned as part of day to day oral hygiene. However, this is typically not the case for most patients. Continue reading to discover why you should consider having your wisdom teeth removed.


Impacted & Improper Growth

Wisdom teeth, however, don’t always have enough room to grow correctly and can become problematic. Wisdom teeth can come through the jaw at various angles, even horizontally. Some of the problems that can occur include:

  • Maintain complete concealment within the gums. Wisdom teeth get trapped in your jaw when they cannot emerge normally. Infections or cysts can sometimes result from this, damaging other tooth roots or bone support.
  • Protrude partly through the gums. Partially emerging wisdom teeth can create a passageway that becomes a magnet for gum disease and oral infections due to the difficulty of seeing and cleaning this area.
  • The teeth adjacent to the wisdom teeth may crowd. Wisdom teeth may crowd or damage nearby teeth if there is not enough room to grow correctly.


Preventative Measure

If wisdom teeth aren’t fully formed, some dentists recommend removing them. Dentists generally recommend extracting the wisdom teeth when they are younger, so the roots and bone have not fully developed, and recovery is faster following surgery. Young adults may undergo wisdom teeth removal to prevent problems from arising in the future.


Other Diseases or Problems That Can Arise

There may be a need for wisdom teeth removal if you experience changes in the area of those teeth, such as:

  • Increased pain
  • Frequent infections of the soft tissue behind the lower final tooth
  • Cysts filled with fluid
  • Growth of tumors
  • Nearby teeth damaged
  • Gum diseases
  • Substantial tooth decay


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