The gums are essential parts of the teeth made up of connective tissue that provides a seal around the teeth. The gums encircle and protect the teeth, including underlying bones, from germs and diseases that may affect the teeth and the general health of a person. It is why keeping the gums healthy is very important.

Keeping the gums healthy is one thing that people have ignored. They have failed to learn ways to keep the gum clean because they do not understand how important the gums are to the teeth and underlying bones in the mouth and their general health.

Crucial Habits to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Brush Regularly and Softly

Brushing your teeth frequently is the first habit that needs to be imbibed to keep your teeth and gum healthy. It is crucial to brush not less than twice a day to remove plaque and bacteria and maintain the teeth clean. It is also essential to understand that brushing too hard or using brushes with stiff bristles can damage your teeth. This can lead to recession of your gums and tooth sensitivity. It is advisable to brush carefully and not use too much pressure. Leave the bristles to do the work.

Floss Frequently 

Research shows that less than 30 % of Americans floss at least once a day. It would help if you flossed at least once a day to prevent the risk of cavities, infections, and teeth loss. Flossing at least once every day helps to remove food particles and prevent plaque from building up. Flossing each day can reduce tooth decay and gum disease. 

Regular Use of Mouthwash

When used regularly, especially after flossing and brushing, Mouthwash can stop bad breath, reduce cavities, and build up plaques. Mouthwash contains ingredients such as Antimicrobials that kill bacteria in the mouth, Anti-inflammatories that minimize pain and sensitivities in the teeth. It also contains fluoride, which helps with tooth enamel and enhances resistance to acid, thereby preventing cavities. The bicarbonate content alkalinizes salivary pH, which reduces the erosive effect of acid produced by oral bacteria. When buying a mouthwash, it is advisable to get one with the ADA seal of acceptance, which means it is suitable and effective for use.

See a Dentist Regularly

Dental experts have recommended that people see a dentist every six months to evaluate the gum and general dental examination thoroughly. A dentist can detect symptoms of gum disease early if you visit them regularly.

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If you want to have healthy gum, it is essential to adopt all these habits and use the right products for your teeth. It will help if you understand that when buying dental products, make sure that the products have the ADA seal of acceptance. It means that the product has been tested, and it is proven to be effective. Choose Newton Dental for regular dental check-ups and other services!


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