NDA has gathered a team of hygienists with both quality clinical and customer service skills. We offer more than just thorough cleanings and regular x-rays. Our hygienists are educators not only for you, our patients, but for other hygienists on a national level. They listen to and get to know theirNewton Dental Associates Preventative Dental Care patients, so that you get the most benefit from each of your visits.

Regular well-care appointments are an important part of dental treatment. They allow doctors to identify potential problem areas so that we can address them early and also provide an opportunity for you to explore ways to improve your smile. We encourage our patients to ask questions and have open dialogues with treatment providers about concerns, desires and problem areas.

Gum Care

Periodontal disease goes unnoticed and therefore untreated in many people. At NDA, our hygienists and doctors pay special attention to your gums so that small problems can be treated before they become major concerns. In addition to the advice and care our hygienists provide, our patients have the benefit of a periodontist (a specialist in gums) on our team.

For patients whose periodontal issues have already progressed, our doctors are prepared to help you with treating all of the dental troubles that have resulted. We understand that these cases can seem overwhelming for patients. Our doctors work to create comprehensive treatment plans, which are reviewed and discussed with patients before treatment commences.

Once patients have received treatment and are in stable, healthy condition, our excellent hygiene team members are available to continue to educate and help maintain the results.


From tooth cleaning to whitening, to full makeovers and total facial esthetics, Newton Dental Associates is a place for everyone.