julycoverDr. Anna Berik, Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, was in Boston Magazine’s July 2016 special feature “Cosmetic Enhancements, Fixing the Exterior and What Lies Beneath“. Several of Boston’s best Cosmetic Surgeons and Doctors were asked what can a patient do to look younger and rejuvenated.

Below is an excerpt:

Orthodontics to Improve Health
Oral health and aesthetics is also getting a lot of attention these days with a rise in the number of cosmetic dental procedures. In many instances changes patients pursue for aesthetic reasons also may play a role in improving their oral or even physical health. Researchers have linked oral health problems to a higher risk of conditions including heart disease and preterm birth, according to the Mayo Clinic.

It’s not surprising that the mouth’s appearance, and oral and physical health are linked,” says Dr. Anna Berik of Newton Dental Associates.  “The mouth is a window for the overall health of an individual. Many diseases exhibit their earliest manifestations in the mouth. It is insurance companies who have disconnected the mouth from the body.”

The mouth is where digestion begins, and the teeth play a critical role not only in breaking down food, but in helping with proper speech. Helping to maintain strong, healthy, attractive teeth into a person’s 80s and 90s and beyond can preserve their quality of life and health. Healthy teeth also play an aesthetic role filling out the lower third of the face.

When it comes to the mouth, a little vanity might actually be very practical. Orthodontics is an example of how an aesthetic investment can pay off in better oral health.  “Orthodontic is first and foremost a treatment of choice for malocclusions (bad bites),” says Berik. “It is an integral part of comprehensive oral care. The value of having a proper bite has somehow been lost to the notion that having “straight teeth” is an elective cosmetic treatment for middle class children.”

Three of every four Americans have a problem with their bite or with overcrowded teeth that can potentially cause their teeth to wear away, become hypersensitive, decay, or cause gum disease and bone loss, she says. For today’s adults, whose bite problems weren’t treated during childhood, there are options to address the problem, such as invisible, clear trays to realign the teeth.

Adults are taking advantage of these orthodontic options in increasing numbers. Between 2012 and 2014 a record number of adults—1,460,000, age 18 and older in the U.S. and Canada—sought out orthodontic treatments which is an increase of 16 percent, according to a study by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Adults now make up nearly 30 percent of orthodontic patients.

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