After putting your trust in our professional dentistry services, we are excited to announce that our expertise will be expanding into pediatric dentistry. This fall, we will be launching the opening of Bubble Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics. We are excited to be sharing our practice with the younger generations of our clients. Continue reading to discover more about what is to come.

Our Office

We have perfected our designs and creativity for our office. The theme of “Destination Dentistry” creates an entire world for children to enjoy. By the title of our business, this theme will consist of an underwater world. Full of marine life and oceanity, Bubble Children’s will bring excitement for your child going to the dentist. We will have a live moon jellyfish tank in the entry, an underwater tunnel that guides you through the entry to the reception, marine life sculptures such as a humpback whale, dolphins, and fish that will hang from the ceiling. A game area in our octopus “cave”, and two 10 foot long coral reef tanks in the treatment area, providing a calm and soothing dental experience for children.

Our Staff

Two of our doctors at Bubble Children’s are Dr. Azadeh Sajjadi, our pedodontist and Dr. Andrew Fraser, our orthodontist. These two trained, well-developed professionals are more than happy to assist your children at Bubble’s

Contact Us

If you are interested in enrolling your child for an appointment or consultation, be sure to contact us today. You can reach us through Bubble Children’s by calling (617) 655-9410 or by contacting one of the members at Newton Dental Associates by calling (617) 965 – 0060. We look forward to working alongside you and your family. 


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