Dr. Laszlo Rivero Prince was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and has practiced dentistry for over 12 years. He was born and bred in a family of dentists; his mother and sister practice dentistry as well.

Dr. Rivero Prince’s Background

Dr. Rivero Prince obtained his dental degree and master’s degree in prosthodontics at The Central University of Venezuela. Throughout his studies, he not only learned how to create beautiful smiles, but he also discovered the importance of educating patients. In turn, he developed a deeper love for dentistry and became a professor for the department of prosthodontics at The Central University of Venezuela. He taught the specialty for many years until moving to the United States where he obtained his dental degree from The University of Michigan. He was able to train with the latest technology and develop the latest cosmetic techniques in the industry at U of M and is thrilled to be joining Newton Dental Associates.

Getting Started with Dr. Rivero Prince

Dr. Rivero Prince enjoys going to the beach with his wife and son, biking, and rock climbing. If you’re looking to book your next appointment with him, contact Newton Dental Associates today by calling (617) 965-0060 or email nda@newtondentalassociates.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 


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