Oral hygiene is so important to stay on top of. Implementing good habits for this at a young age can result in many benefits for more than just your teeth. It can begin to eliminate the risk of diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and more. Continue reading to discover the many benefits of keeping up with oral hygiene.

Prevents Oral & Other Body Issues

Two of the biggest issues that result from poor oral hygiene are gum disease and cavities. To prevent these issues, implement a morning and night time routine for your oral hygiene. During each of these routines, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. If you have a routine that you can stick with, you already are decreasing your risk of oral issues.

Some other issues that can occur in your body from lack of oral hygiene are diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and more. Studies have proven that the same bacteria found in an unhealthy mouth can be found in the heart of someone with heart disease. If this bacteria travels through the bloodstream, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. Other studies also show that poor oral hygiene increases risk of dementia by over 30%. In order to keep both your mouth and body happy, implement a good oral hygiene routine today and be sure to visit the dentist every 6 months.

Whiter Smile

Keeping up with your oral hygiene can lead to an overall whiter, brighter, and shinier smile. By brushing your teeth with toothpaste, you are directly applying the minerals that your teeth need to maintain their color. This also eliminates the chances of developing cavities or plaque. Flossing can also aid this matter. 

If you are looking for a way to whiten your teeth, Newton Dental Associates can help. Our teeth whitening service will assist you on the right path to a brighter smile. Once your teeth are whitened, and the correct hygiene is implemented, you’ll always have a pearly-white smile. 

Kills “Bad Breath” Bacteria

The reason that most people have constant bad breath is because of the plaque build up from lack of oral hygiene. Regular cleanings at the dentist will remove plaque and prevent it from coming back. If you are not due for a cleaning and have bad breath, try implementing a mouth wash to your daily routine. This can assist in the temporary issue until your next cleaning

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