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Preventative Dentistry near Brighton, MA

Having regular checkups is an essential component of receiving the best dental care. Frequent appointments are crucial because they allow our qualified specialists to see any issues early on and address them quickly and effectively. In addition to correcting concerns, these sessions provide a unique opportunity for you to actively engage in improving your smile. We offer an environment where open communication with our dedicated therapy experts is encouraged. Feel free to discuss any concerns, show off your dream smile, and point out any problem areas during these appointments. We value your questions and conversations, and they lay the groundwork for your collaborative quest for a healthier, whiter smile.

Orthodontics near Brighton, MA

With the use of our exclusive technology, OrthoPulse® Light fast OrthodonticsTM, we revolutionize the orthodontic experience and place ourselves at the forefront of rapid orthodontics in North America. Our FDA-approved wonder, OrthoPulse®, has a proven track record of successfully stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth’s roots using mild light energy. This technology seamlessly integrates efficacy and efficiency with transparent aligner systems, such as Invisalign. Treatment times may be cut by up to 50% when OrthoPulse® and Invisalign are combined, hastening orthodontic advancement and getting you closer to a better smile. With our state-of-the-art method, which blends technology and experience to improve your smile in ways you never would have imagined, discover orthodontics as it will evolve in the future.

Invisalign for Teens

Costmetic Dentistry near Brighton, MA

Your smile is a powerful expression of confidence that leaves a lasting impression. Newton Dental Associates values your distinctive features. During a personalized consultation, Dr. Berik will learn about your goals before beginning a customized cosmetic journey. Our state-of-the-art facilities are proof of our commitment to your comfort. It highlights a carefully thought-out and detail-oriented environment that is focused on delivering outstanding patient care. Join us on a trip that will change the way you smile and inspire you to be proud of your individuality. At Newton Dental Associates, your visions are painstakingly brought to life, ensuring that your smile flawlessly reflects your distinct individuality.

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