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Costmetic Dentistry near Charlestown, MA

Your smile makes a lasting impression and is a potent statement of confidence. Newton Dental Associates values the individuality within you. Dr. Berik starts a customized cosmetic journey by understanding your goals during a customized consultation. Our cutting-edge facilities demonstrate our dedication to your comfort. It emphasizes a setting that is centered on providing exceptional patient care and has been meticulously planned with attention to detail. Come along with us on a journey that will transform your smile and make you feel proud of your uniqueness. Your dreams are meticulously crafted into reality at Newton Dental Associates, guaranteeing a smile that perfectly captures your unique personality.

Orthodontics near Charlestown, MA

We transform your orthodontic experience with OrthoPulse® Light rapid OrthodonticsTM, a unique technology that puts us at the forefront of rapid orthodontics in North America. Our FDA-approved miracle, OrthoPulse®, which uses gentle light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding your teeth’s roots, has a track record of success. This technology combines effectiveness and efficiency in a seamless way with clear aligner systems like Invisalign. When OrthoPulse® and Invisalign are used together, treatment periods may be shortened by up to 50%, accelerating orthodontic advancement and putting you on the fast track to a better smile. Discover the orthodontics of the future with our cutting-edge technique, which combines experience and technology to transform your smile in ways you never would have imagined.

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Preventative Dentistry near Charlestown, MA

The foundation of the best dental care is accepting routine checkups. Regular consultations are essential because they enable our knowledgeable specialists to identify possible problems early on and provide prompt, efficient treatments. These sessions offer a special chance for you to actively participate in improving your smile in addition to resolving issues. We provide an atmosphere where candid discussions are encouraged with our committed therapy providers. During these sessions, feel free to voice any worries, reveal your ideal smile, and identify any trouble spots. Not only are your inquiries and discussions appreciated, but they also serve as the foundation for your joint search for a whiter, healthier smile.

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