Greater Boston Invisalign is happy to provide residents of Wellesley, Massachusetts with its invisalign dentistry services. Here at Greater Boston Invisalign, we provide a clear solution to your teeth problems. We are a 2014 preferred provider, awarded by invisalign, to show our high quality of work and years of experience. Our dentistry has been a popular destination for Wellesley also because of our quick and convenient location. Our offices are a fast 7 minute drive from Wellesley. Most people that are looking to explore Invisalign braces, don’t want to get involved with the other option of metal and wiry braces. Here are a list of some benefits Invisalign offer:

  • Invisalign provides the same results metal wires or brackets offer but do so in an almost invisible way with clear aligners.
  • Invisalign works with all lifestyles. Whether you are a running a business, working your job or going to school, no one will be able to notice you are wearing them.
  • You may also remove these clearn aligners in order to eat, and drink and brush your teeth.

For a full list with more advantages visit our home page. For more information, we also suggest you check out the process of invisalign. The population of Wellesley, is roughly 28,000 and while we know we can’t help everyone, we know many people are currently looking for dental alignment help. For those working in the city or commuting to work, our location in Newton lies directly between Wellesley and Boston.

Greater Boston Invisalign is housed within Newton Dental Associates and is owned by one of Greater Boston’s premier cosmetic dentists; Dr. Anna Berik. Take the leap and enjoy your teeth straightening process without being self conscious! For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (617)965-0060 or fill out a contact form.