Tooth pain can be excruciating and sometimes difficult to find immediate relief, especially if unsure of the cause. A dental professional should perform a thorough exam to determine the root cause of the pain. Until then, below are several reasons you may be experiencing a toothache.


Tooth Sensitivity

Your teeth are protected by an outer layer known as enamel. However, enamel can degrade if proper dental hygiene isn’t followed. As this enamel wears away, it exposes the nerve endings inside your teeth, causing pain and discomfort when anything too hot or cold reaches them. If you notice tooth pain specifically when eating or drinking, mention it to your dentist, as tooth sensitivity may be to blame.


Grinding Teeth

Have you noticed yourself grinding your teeth? Perhaps you wake up every morning with tooth and jaw pain but aren’t sure why. There’s a possibility you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep and don’t even realize it! Tooth grinding is prevalent but can also cause significant damage to your teeth, including wearing away at the enamel, as discussed above, or going so far as to cause a crack. If you know you grind your teeth or think you may grind your teeth in your sleep, let your doctor know so they can adequately treat your pain and provide options to help, you reduce or stop grinding your teeth to prevent future problems.


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth have a reputation for being problematic, and rightfully so. While many people grow wisdom teeth with no issue and do not require them to be removed, many patients experience pain related to the wisdom teeth growing in and other issues they can cause. This includes food particles wedged between the tooth and the gum as they push through, which can wear away at the enamel and ultimately lead to an infection. Plus, if there’s not enough room for your wisdom teeth as they come in, your mouth can become overcrowded and cause painful shifts or movement in your other teeth.


Tooth Damage

Tens are uncommon to suffer from trauma due to everyday activities. Biting down wrong on an almond, falling off your bike, or roughhousing with the kids can, and have, all led to accidental tooth damage. Even if you can’t see any physical damage to your tooth after an incident like this, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If your toothache doesn’t resolve quickly, you may have a damaged tooth. Your dentist has the tools to check for tooth damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye and can make the ultimate determination.


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