With the plethora of health services and resources that are available online, it can be challenging to distinguish what is accurate vs. fabricated. Here at Newton Dental Associates, our experts have created a guide filled with the top 5 dental care tips so that you can have a healthier smile. Continue reading below to discover more about these tips.


1. Flossing Is Equally As Important

Flossing is essential, as it removes plaque from places that your toothbrush can’t reach. The continuous build-up of plaque can lead to additional damages and permanent issues. Problems such as tooth decay and gum disease can arise from not flossing. Continue to floss daily as it is an integral part of your oral hygiene routine.


2. Fluoride Is Your Friend

Fluoride is designed to help strengthen the tooth enamel. This makes it a vital additive to toothpaste, so be sure to look into the different options you can choose from to incorporate it into your routine. Additionally, mouthwash with fluoride can also help reverse tooth decay at early stages and the need for fillings. 


3. Incorporate a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is not only crucial for your overall mental and physical health, but it can impact your oral health in unexpected ways. In addition to providing your body with good nutrition, foods that help your bones and teeth grow can promote the production of saliva, which also helps keep your oral hygiene intact.


4. Tongue & Cheeks Are Essential

When you’re brushing your teeth, it is crucial to run over your tongue and cheeks with the back of your toothbrush to remove the stench and bacterial waste that can lead to bad breath.


5. Proper Maintenance For Your Toothbrush

Although your toothbrush itself doesn’t need any additional cleaning, ensuring that it is dry after each use and that there is no build-up of toothpaste can keep your toothbrush fresher for longer. Of course, it is essential to change out your toothbrush by replacing it with a new one every so often, but to keep it cleaner for longer, follow these steps. 


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