Dental sealants prevent cavities or tooth decay in the back teeth by painting thin coatings on the chewing surfaces. Chewing surfaces are protected with sealants by shielding them from germs and food that cause cavities. Discover what dental sealants are used for by reading below.

Preventative Measures

Sealants are a quick and easy way to prevent cavities. It’s healthier and stronger to have a tooth without a cavity than one with a filling or untreated decay. Fillings are more expensive and difficult to apply than sealants.


Sealants have shown to still work 9 years after placement. In some cases, they do fall off, so you should check for them at regular dental appointments. Sealants provide teeth with a protective shield. If the sealant is lost, the tooth can develop cavities. Fortunately, missing sealants are easy to replace.

Children & Adults

Sealants prevent the majority of children’s cavities once applied. Once the permanent molars enter the mouth, the procedure can be completed. For the 1st molars, this typically occurs around the age of 6 and for the 2nd molars, around the age of 12. Children and adults can both benefit from sealants in the long run as a prevention measure against cavities. 

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