A periodontist specializes in the area of dentistry that is concerned with the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. These types of specialized concerns can deal with gum disease, missing teeth, or the overall appearance. To learn more about what periodontics are about and how they are implemented at Newton Dental Associates, continue reading below.

Common Issues We Treat

Implant placement is a common issue where a tooth or several teeth are missing. The periodontist is able to create a natural-looking replacement by anchoring a fake tooth to the jawbone. Osteoplasty is the technical term for hard tissue recontouring. This occurs once periodontitis has been treated. Then, the periodontist can reshape the hard tissue to make the smile look natural as well as aesthetically pleasing. Gingivoplasty is the opposite of Osteoplasty, which is the technical term for soft tissue recontouring. This occurs as gums recede due to periodontitis. The teeth may appear longer which causes a big smile “full of teeth”. The periodontist can either remove tissues or straighten the gum line to make the teeth look more even. Dental implants can only be placed into the mouth if there is enough bone to attach the fake tooth. This is considered bone grafting, and occurs when there is bone loss. Bone grafting is the best way to add bone so that an implant may be properly placed. Deep pocket cleanings occur as gingivitis and periodontitis progress, making it much more difficult to cleanse the pockets between the soft tissues and the teeth. The periodontist can fix this issue by scaling and rooting the teeth to remove debris and other issues with the bacteria. Crown lengthening occurs in order to expose more of the natural tooth. The periodontist can remove some of the surrounding gingival tissue to create this look.

Care & Concern

If you feel as though you are struggling with one of the periodontal issues listed above, it is important to schedule a consultation with us. Our patient treatment plans are state-of-the-art, and it is important to us that you are receiving the best care. Once we evaluate your needs, our professionals will create a treatment plan custom to what you want to fix. Periodontal issues can be frightening, so we understand your concerns. To ensure that you are in the best hands to resolve these issues, be sure to schedule an appointment today.

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