After all of your adult teeth have come in and are settled, you may notice a new set of molars coming in in the very back of your mouth. These are called wisdom teeth and it is often recommended to have them removed to prevent issues with bite and spacing. While you may not always experience problems with your wisdom teeth prior to removal, there are several warning signs that may appear. If you begin to experience the following symptoms, you should contact your dentist for a consultation for potential extraction.

Gum Irritation & Bleeding

Wisdom teeth may cause the rest of your teeth to begin shifting, which can be painful and cause your gums to become inflamed. If your gums become tender and bleed at the slightest touch, or even without being touched at all, your wisdom teeth can be affecting your gum health. Your gums and dental health can also be a major indicator of problems with your overall health, so it is critical to have them checked during your routine cleaning and examination, as well as when something feels wrong. 

Pain in Jaw

Wisdom teeth, much like permanent adult teeth, do not always come in at the exact angle they are supposed to. When a wisdom tooth comes in crooked, or even to the side of your jaw, it can be incredibly painful leading to headaches while eating. Impacted teeth can also lead to your jaw becoming infected, leading to swelling that affect your ability to speak and chew as you will not be able to open your mouth fully. You may also experience earaches and swelling in your glands. 

Bacteria Buildup & Infection

If your wisdom teeth come in and are impacted, your gums may have an additional fold behind the tooth creating a perfect place for bacteria to grow and develop infections. In addition to speeding up tooth decay and forming cysts within your gums, infections can create a bad taste in your mouth even after you have brushed and used mouthwash. This can affect your breath, which can be noticed by those around you. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Newton & Boston, MA

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