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Tooth Correction With Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you often feel self-conscious about your smile? Chances are, your smile can be altered through cosmetic dentistry! Cosmetic dentistry is a broad spectrum that can fix a variety of issues, and one of Newton Dental Associates’ top specialties.

 Discoloration from coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco can accumulate over the years. Teeth whitening treatments such as […]

Things Everyone Should Know About Oral Health, Hygiene, and Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups is one of the most important factors of excellent oral health. Checkups can prevent and diagnose cavities, gum disease, root canals and oral cancer, among other ailments and procedures. Going regularly and detecting problems early also prevents conditions from worsening and requiring further intervention.

Did you know […]

10 Things a Parent Needs To Know About Invisalign Teen

Dr. Anna Berik, Boston’s Top Cosmetic Dentist, explains 10 things you should know about Invisalign Teen when deciding on orthodontic treatment for your child.

Invisalign Teen is a virtually undetectable form of orthodontia that forgoes that traditional metal brackets and wires in favor of clear trays custom-fitted for your teeth. The trays go over your teen’s teeth […]

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Your teen years are all about fitting in with friends and when you need braces, this can be difficult. Invisalign Teen is an alternative to traditional braces that can help your teenager do this! If your teenager is in need of cosmetic dentistry and teeth straightening, Invisalign Teen is becoming the popular solution and here’s […]

Dr. Berik Featured in Boston Magazine November 2016 Issue

Dr. Anna Berik, Boston’s Premier Cosmetic Dentist, was in Boston Magazine’s November 2016 special feature “What to Expect in the next 50 Years”.   Dr. Berik was asked what can we do to prolong our teeth as we age.

Read the Boston Magazine article here.

Dr. Berik believes that taking care of your teeth and correcting your bite […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Invisalign vs Traditional Braces for Teens & Adults

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen Questions and Answers

Dr. Anna Berik, one of Boston’s Top Cosmetic Dentists and owner of Newton Dental Associates, Diamond Smile Design and Greater Boston Invisible Braces answers questions that patients frequently ask about Invisalign.

Dr. Berik is an Invisalign Premier Provider as well a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She […]

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